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We do all kinds of catering…even food! Yes! real food!! You think we do sweets, then you should give our real food a try too. We are the kind of folks that found out what really matters to you and your guests. What is important to you is something we take as seriously as our we take our chocolate! And if you know us, then you know that we take chocolate VERY seriously. So, is it sandwiches? Charcuterie and tidbits? Dinner? Breakfast? Let us help you to take your event to the place of yummy. From Box Lunches to buffet style, we have you covered. Want to do a small plated dinner for 40 peeps? OK we can do that too.

We have listed just a few of our favorite items, but we can do so much. Please contact us to discuss your event and ideas. Ask for Wonder Woman….


Looking for a space to have a bridal shower? Baby Shower? Birthday Party? We got you boo! We have the perfect space for an intimate setting for up 40. Food. Drink. Wine. Beer. Dessert. You can decorate for your theme, have fun with a photo booth, music, or just chill. Our space is great for those gatherings that allow you to talk to everyone that came. You are welcome to bring in real food if you want to, or we can make something great for you and your guests. We provide dessert….and we even do cakes. Big and small. Don’t want cake and want cupcakes? Ok we can do those too! We do have a small room fee for events that require the full space. Please call us to discuss your event! We look forward to working with you and helping to bring a little bit of the Handbasket to it! Talk soon!