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10 things to have at this year’s Halloween bash!

10 things to have at this year’s Halloween bash!



Halloween is such a fun time of year. You get to embrace your imagination and revel in some of your favorite childhood adventures. Whether you are hosting this year’s party or heading out, here are some great ideas to get festive for the season!


1)     This Sick pumpkin is going to steal the show!


Carve a face into a small pumpkin with a wide-open mouth. Make your favorite guacamole (we recommend this one) and grab a bag of corn chips. Arrange the pumpkin on the edge of the serving plate with the chips along the sides and the guacamole down the middle. Your creativity is sure to impress your guests.


2)     Create something fun with a new twist on Candy Corn, Jell-O shot style.


These 3-layer Jell-O shots have a bit more punch than the traditional candy, and more flavor! 😉 Check out the recipe here from A Beautiful Mess


3)     Is it a Trick or just a Treat?


 Send your guests away with something to DIE for. Clay mud masks and chocolate truffles are sure to stop their hearts. (link to items here)




4)     You can’t go wrong with this Witches Brew


 Make your guest wonder what spells you have cooking by mixing lemon lime seltzer with lime sherbet. Serve in a clear punch bowl to show off the color.




5)     Ice Ice Baby


Add to the spooky atmosphere by making ice hands for the punch bowl. Fill latex gloves with water and freeze. Remove the glove and place in your favorite punch bowl with your witches’  brew and serve.



6)     This Carmel Apple Sangria will bring life to the undead


 Mix apple cider and caramel vodka for a boozy take on the classic fall. Add cinnamon sticks to the glasses for some extra spice, it’s sure to be a hit!



7)     Need to feed the zombies in the house? Try these Monster Apple Snacks.


 Everyone enjoys a healthy treat, especially when they look like silly monsters. Get the recipe here from Fork&Beans.



8)     Our Addiction Carmel Corn is always a crowd pleaser!


The name says it all! The goblins and ghouls won’t be able to get enough so make sure you stock up!



9)     Decorate with these Ghastly Ghosts


Hang a few ghost piñatas over the treat table, or fill them up with chocolate and let your guests take a swing. Get the tutorial here from Oh Happy Day.



10)  Yummy Mummy Pies for a creative twist on PB&J


They taste good and they are fun to make, how can you beat that? Get the recipe here from Del’s cooking twist.


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