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Our Mission

To bring back real giving into humanity. Keeping it affordable, unique with thoughtfulness and passion. True giving as was originally intended by God...Human to Human and Heart to Heart.


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Our Passion And Our Commitment...

If you would’ve told me five years ago, that I would be tossing my hair up into a bun each and every morning, filling my Wonder Woman mug with an endless supply of coffee, and tying an apron around my waist to spend my days playing in chocolate I would’ve told you you were crazy. I mean cray-zee, people!

Yet we make plans and God has a good old belly aching laugh, right?
You have to love what you do. You must follow your passions in life. There is room for reinvention, redemption, and rediscovery for us all. For me, that meant taking a leap of faith and doing what I truly love. Creating tempting treats, beautifully packaged gift baskets, and helping others by putting the joy back into giving gifts handmade with love. That’s how Richelle in a Handbasket was born.
And we just keep growing and changing when I least expect it.
Our new retail space in the alley at Market Square allows us room to showcase our products to customers up close and personal like never before. We can customize candies and treats by request in our commercial kitchen yet still give you that personal service you trust; that you deserve. We can feature local artisans and companies that I love and know you will too. When you shop local, you are sustaining your community, your neighbors, and your friends. Thank you to my loyal customers, and my new ones as well, for allowing me to serve you.
It’s what I do.
It’s what I love.
It’s who I am.      

Give to give!

Visit Us At Market Square

No day is quite the same at Richelle in a Handbasket, just like no basket of ours is ever the same. We take care of people, and make their lives, specifically yours, easier. Each chocolate and sweet is handled with great care, something you will only be able to see within our store. People say you can’t buy happiness- well, those people clearly haven’t been to Richelle in a Handbasket.

Sweet Shop Chocolate Truffles Chocolate Shop in Lafayette, INTop Reasons to Visit Richelle in a Handbasket

1. Friendly, loving atmosphere gives you the taste you’re looking for 
2. Shop local  
3. To see our Superman and Wonder Woman aprons 
4. Participate in our wacky specials
5. You’ll leave our store smiling and wanting more every time

We give you the customer experience you deserve, whether it’s through free promotions or allowing you to be one of the first to try each new chocolate to enter our doors. You’ll love it, just as much as we do! So, visit us at our store at Market Square on the Alley, 2200 Elmwood Avenue, Ste. D-9, in Lafayette.